Our Vision

To stop domestic minor sex trafficking and exploitation in the United States.

To educate, inspire and call to action those who are willing to stand with us to bring this human rights violation to an end.

Through our 13A National Awareness Campaign, we will raise awareness and resources to:

  • Facilitate state policy changes
  • Secure Safe Harbor provisions
  • Ensure appropriate penalties

The Truth is Alarming

Domestic Minor sex trafficking is today’s technical term for modern day slavery. Many Americans don’t realize that slavery is now one of the fastest growing criminal activities in the United States. The US Dept. of Justice now reports that every year over 250,000 children are at high risk of being drawn into the net of criminal sexual exploitation. In fact the United States now holds the distinction of being the second largest destination worldwide for women and child trafficking for the purposes of sex exploitation and slavery. Child sex trafficking is a world wide pandemic and is growing at an alarming rate in the United States.

In a recent hearing before the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security of The Committee On The Judiciary House Of Representatives testimonies were made that there are currently 100,000 American girls caught in the net of the sex slave trade industry.

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Become a modern-day Abolitionist! Use this app to help rescue human trafficking victims. Watch videos detailing trafficking in America. Use the “Checklist” feature to recognize trafficking victims in a variety of situations and the “Make A Report” button to report real time information to anti-trafficking law enforcement task forces about what you see. Also get notifications on missing children so that you can be on alert to help find abducted children quickly. Experts report that there are 100,000 American children being trafficked in the US for the commercial sex trade. Download this app and help be a part of bringing sex slavery in America to an end.

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