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This is Different

from other online portfolios. The purpose of myinvestmentrecord is to let the right people know about your skill as an investment professional.

Introduce Yourself

with evidence of your ability. Putting your best foot forward has been difficult until now.

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How is it different?

No tracked selections are altered or deleted and the results are not self reported, so the summary will have credibility for use by job seekers and marketers.

myinvestmentrecord will methodically track your “best ideas” from the time they are entered – stocks and ETF’s - and becomes a repository for your personal investment track record. It follows you even if you change jobs.

Then you can tell myinvestmentrecord to share an accurate record of your investment decisions with people in a position to benefit your career.

Use it as career insurance, a focused marketing technique, or for feedback on how your skills are best utilized.


How does it work?

Shiller? Fama?

Create up to 5 portfolios, each probably representing a different aspect of your investment skill, such as high risk stock selection, balanced investing, asset allocation using ETF’s, and so forth. You can test the contribution each skill makes to performance, and (hopefully) see improvement over time.

A “best ideas” portfolio underscores your buy and sell decisions and brings them to the attention of a recipient even if the record is not yet long term.

The performance summary includes all portfolios initiated at myinvestmentrecord, including those with less than stellar performance. The purpose is to render the most recent/relevant performance – the portfolio you wish to highlight at the top of the report -  more credible, to have greater impact than a single self-selected performance record.

See Examples

myinvestmentrecord certifies that the results sent directly are reliable.

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The work of a portfolio manager is often documented and audited, and if that record travels with the investment professional a record emerges over time. Other investment professionals, however, have a different challenge, especially when their best ideas are not all included in the portfolio.

An alternative way to demonstrate your best investment ideas is to build and manage a ‘virtual’ portfolio, which tracks your investment decisions but does not use real money.

The problem is that virtual portfolios as well as personal accounts can be ‘cherry picked’ for performance, rendering them less than credible with potential employers or investors.

myinvestmentrecord is different.

                                     “I’ve never seen a losing record on a resume.”

– Executive Search Consultant,  referring to the lack of impact of self-reported                                                              investment performance.

Read what Warren Buffett says about individual contribution, quoted in Susan Cain’s “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking,” underscoring the importance of tracking your own investment performance.


Why “best ideas” portfolios?

The purpose of the “best ideas” portfolio is to attract attention to your investment thesis by focusing on your selections rather than on total assets. Prior holdings remain visible.

Can I use myinvestmentrecord to manage my personal portfolio?

No. myinvestmentrecord will help you manage your career but not your personal portfolio, since the number of shares and cash amounts are not entered.

When I receive a MIR report can I believe it?

MIR uses state of the art security software to ensure integrity of results coming directly from myinvestmentrecord. MIR screens for duplicate user accounts and takes other steps to assure authenticity of reports.

Why multiple portfolios?

Creating more than one portfolio will help you isolate and identify the source of your performance advantage. For example one portfolio might reflect the investment style of your current employer, another your ability to choose small cap equities, and another your skill with country allocation.

Can I use another performance metric?

The MIR performance indicator was selected for its clarity, to make an impression on busy recipients with basic tracking data. You can deliver other performance measurements directly once communication has been initiated. YTD and Prior Quarter results are visible within Portfolio Details.

More on Performance Measurement

Can I trade tips with other users?

Professional investors are selective concerning sources of information. MIR is not a social networking investment site.

How long until my record is worth sharing?

Even a shorter term Best Ideas record can say a lot about your interests as an investor, but longer is always better – a good reason to start right away.

Who can see my name or performance record?

Only people you select.





Send a performance report to your first recipient for free too. You can add a personal note and attach a resume or marketing brochure.

Or for an annual fee of $29.00:

  • Build up to 5 portfolios.
  • Send as many performance reports as you wish
  •  Multiple portfolios using different investment styles or asset classes will help you better define your skill set. Then, choose a portfolio you wish to highlight and tell myinvestmentrecord to send a summary to people you select.

    See Examples

    “[Students] are better off doing this than a fantasy sports team.”

    - Professor, top MBA program.

    “I love this idea! Very creative and certainly seems to be one of the first (perhaps THE first) investment record tracker.”

    - Quantitative Manager, Hedge Fund

    This can open doors for you.



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